About Us

Vibl is a post-pandemic start-up founded by a team of two developers, a designer and a marketing person who believe in the future of contactless communication, want to help save the planet and quite frankly, are bored of staying-at-home.

Some shocking information we collected along the way fueled the development of Vibl. 4.3 million trees, for instance, felled every year to produce 240 billion (yes, with the ‘B’) paper business cards every year, 88% of which tossed away within a week. On the other hand, study shows that every 2,000 business cards handed out increase sales by 2.5% on average. So, it seemed to us that the business cards are useful in essence but decades old application must be transformed into something smarter, efficient and conscious.

Plus, who saves paper business cards anyway? It is hard to carry your own around let alone keeping the ones you handed out to. Are they even hygienic? How would you share your business card with the new client you met on a Zoom call? Do you really want to hand your phone to a stranger to type their mobile number in? All these questions and many more beg the need for contactless, digital and secure transformation of professional information.

That is how we came up with the Vibl smart business cards. We are green, contactless, new-generation. And we’ve only just begun…